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The following itineraries were prepared for treks in Bale Mountains National Clients getting ready for their trek with Bale Mountains Eco Tours Ethiopia, where we are based, to give you an idea of what you can do and see.

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Dedication to Conservation and Livelihoods.

Bale Mountains Eco Tours, Ethiopia was founded out of concern for the conservation of the area and a need for local livelihood enhancement.


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Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority and Frankfurt Zoological Society staff have worked hard to compile and publish a guidebook for Bale Mountains National Park. This guidebook is filled with detailed information covering pretty much any and everything that you might want to know when deciding to or planning your visit and great news! The guidebook can be downloaded for free by clicking on the Bale Mountains National Park icon, found below!

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About Us

Bale Mountains Eco Tours, Ethiopia was founded in 2015 by founder Ayuba Ahmed to provide visitors with quality guiding services. By doing so, it is hoped that this endeavor will help promote international awareness and conservation efforts for Bale Mountains National Park and the region. View more

Ayuba Ahmed
Ayuba Ahmed: A Baliyyoo for the Bale Mountains! Named the “Best Local Tourist Guide” in the first ever Tourism Awards, Ayuba Ahmed is a Bale native whose passion for the land of his forefathers shines through his work of guiding tourists through the Bale Mountains National Park.
Born in the town of Dinsho in the heart of the park itself, Ayuba’s life has been intertwined with Bale’s incredible potential for tourism where he has worked as a wolf monitor, paraecologist, and tour guide in the park before founding the Bale Mountains Eco Tourism Ethiopia - a private tourism services provider. Ayuba’s expertise, and passion for the Bale Mountains National Park have made him a sought after tour guide.
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Ethiopian Airlines resumed its
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  • “Amazing Bale Mountains Our recent visit to Dinsho and Bale Mountains National Parks including the Sanetti Plateau and Harenna Forests was substantially improved by our guide Ayuba Ahmed. Ayuba was not only adept at finding the rare animal and bird life of the area, but through his depth of knowledge, was also able to provide additional insights into the habitats wildlife and local culture which considerably improved our understanding of the region. Through his commitment to promoting local products such as handicrafts and honey Ayuba showed that he clearly understands the wildlife and its supporting habitats will only survive if the local population is able to see improvements in their own living standards as a result of tourism. We can strongly recommend Ayuba as a guide who will greatly improve the enjoyment of visiting this unique area of Africa.”
    Philip R
    Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
  • Ayuba knows the Bale Mountains intimately and truly loves the ecosystem. He can instantly identify every bird call without a moment’s thought and can spot an Ethiopian wolf from a kilometer away. I was granted the ability to carry my own pack and set up my own tent despite the fact that most tourists get as much aid as they need. But had I ever needed help, I know I would have been well taken care of. Best of all, I made a friend for life and am in contact with Ayuba to this day.
    Ryan Utz
  • “It was a pleasure to have you as our guide, Ayuba Ahmed! I look forward to the next time we meet and explore another part of ethiopa together!”
    Brian Keating, Canada
    (of ‘Going Wild with Brian Ketaing’)
  • “Great travelling with Ayuba Ahmed We travelled with a group of 5 people through the Bale Mountains and our guide Ayuba Ahmed took very good care of us. It is a beautiful place with lots of surprising sights. With the good support of Ayuba's team you will have a great trip. Show less”
    Lede, Belgium
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